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Seed & Plant Certification and Registration Institute has been established in 2004 in order to safeguarding national interests through certification of seed and plant produced in Iran and protection of the breeder`s right as well. Before establishment of SPCRI, seed and plant quality control system in Iran were integrated with the production systems and this issue would affect the principles of efficiency and independence of quality control systems. On the other hand absence of plant breeder`s right system in Iran had discouraged breeders, private sector and foreign company to make investment for creating new varieties of plant.  Therefore the parliament approved seed and plant certification and registration law and based on this law Seed & Plant Certification and Registration Institute (SPCRI) established.

The main mandate of Seed & Plant Certification and Registration Institute is controlling and certifying seed and plant produced or imported to the country, testing the new varities and granting plant varity right to owner of these varities.

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